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Yoel Gilinsky - Nostalgia paintings

תערובת סוכריות של עלית
"Time fades & memories intensify" - Yoel Gilinsky

"I have always loved the graphic design of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s,which is very descriptive, colorful and happy. When I was a kid in Jerusalem, Israel, there was no compeuter, Internet or even black and white television availbel. What was, was only a little and very modest.

My mother and grandmother, may they rest in peace,were excellent cooks and a dominant section of the house was the kitchen. As achild I dreamed of worlds that were made up of several toys, cubes and lots of lunch boxes that were abundant. Manufacturers such as "ZD", "Lieber", "Rebel", "Asis" were enchanted by my sutroundings a long with cinema posters that were hand painted, signs and wonderful calligraphy. There is something in the artistic stance of the practical artwork of those times that makes up a creative space in combination with child toys and "Israeliana" objects that are captivating and full of compassion and joy.

Examples of those are the Whistling Kattel, the Sipulox, the Primus ..."

קופסאות של קפה נמס עלית
"Great & delicious joy ever since" - Yoel Gilinsky

ילדות בירושלים
"My childhood. Jerusalem's winter" - Yoel gilinsky

מנחה בשעה חמש
"Five O'clock" - Yoel Gilinsky

The article was published in the Art market/ International Art Magazine

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