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החזון של הרצל

ספר חדש על דמותו של הרצל יצא לאור וגם אני משתתף בו.

אוצרת: שוש נומברג אברבוך

מו''ל: קרול מנהיים

צילום: קרול מנהיים

Published by Artists Choice Editions, Herzl’s Vision Today celebrates the 120th Anniversary of Theodor

יואל גילינסקי מחזיק בספר על רקע ציוריו

Herzl’s utopian novel Altneuland - Old New Land.

It is a contemporary, inspiring and unique collection of art and essays that pay tribute to Herzl’s prophetic impact upon 21st Century Israel.

In addition, there are more than thirty bold, witty and thought provoking images by established and contemporary Israeli artists, illustrators, designers, photographes and sculptors, curated by Shosh Nomberg Averbukh.

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Articles by Yosef Abramowitz David Breakstone Shmulik Duvdevani Yossi Klein Halevi Gol Kalev Nicole Levin Chemi Peres

ABOUT THE AUTHORS & THEIR ARTICLES Yosef Israel Abramowitz The Art of Being Herzl, The Futurist

Abramowitz was nominated by 12 Africa countries for the Nobel Peace Prize for his impact on solar energy. Dr. David Breakstone Herzl's Vision, Our Challenge

An Interview with the Visionary of the Jewish State. Breakstone was the conceptual architect and founding director of the World Zionist Organization’s Herzl Museum and Educational Center. Dr. Shmulik Duvdevani The Missing Image

Duvdevani teaches at the Film and Television Department at Tel-Aviv University and at the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem. Gol Kalev Herzl and the Secrets Held in Israeli Wines

Kalev is the author of Judaism 3.0 and is the founder of the Jerusalem Wine Salon. Yossi Klein Halevi Herzl and Arab Israelies: What would he say to Reschid Bey today?

Halevi is a senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. He is the author of a number of books, including Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor. Nicole Levin Herzl's Utopian Ideas that Inspired the Urban Planning of Tel Aviv

Levin is a practicing lawyer specializing in the preservation of historical buildings. Chemi Peres Theodor Herzl - If you will it, it is No Dream

Theodor Herzl’s Innovation Journey from an Old Era to a New Land. Peres is Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.

Copyright: Artits Choice Editions

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